Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture pieces around your home require specialised cleaning on a regular basis. Many people don’t see the need to clean their non-leather furniture that much, but upholsteries usually see a lot of daily use, and won’t take long to start showing the need for some serious cleaning. Upholsteries are exposed to dirt, pollen, dust and bacteria just as much as any other fabric around your home. They may not see the same amount of heavy duty use as the carpet, but upholsteries are actually in constant contact with the human body, that means the fabric will accumulate a great deal of dead skin cells, body oils and body odours which will definitely make your furniture unpleasant to use. Our professional upholstery cleaning service available in Croydon, will deal with the situation effectively and keep your upholstered furniture looking good and feeling fresh. Specialised cleaning approach is essential for professional upholstery cleaning, since usually non-leather furniture pieces are made of delicate fabrics and materials which happen to be quite demanding in terms of cleaning maintenance. As expected, our specially trained professional cleaners will approach the job with all due care, precision and efficiency. The cleaning technicians will determine the type of staining, and the type of fabric or material used for the upholstery. In turn, they will choose and apply the most effective yet sparing cleaning method in order to lift stains, revitalise colours and remove any odours from within the upholstery.

The upholstery cleaning process is performed using highly effective, industry approved cleaning products and materials. We strongly urge customers in Croydon to refrain from using any homemade or conventional upholstery cleaning solutions as this will likely cause more harm than good. Keep in mind that the costs of having to reupholster your furniture due to damage of the fabric and its characteristics will outweigh the cost of professional upholstery cleaning service by far, so don’t risk it but let us handle the job accordingly.