Patio Cleaning

Exposure to the elements throughout the year, along with frequent use, can leave your patio looking a little worse for wear than it should be. Caring for the patio accordingly is quite important if you want to keep this stylish and functional property feature looking better for longer. The average patio is exposed to bad weather throughout most part of the year. This usually results in water and moisture damage such as discolouration, change of hue in materials, mould, dark patches and streaks etc. Many patios are also used frequently for entertainment, which means they see quite a few sp

This cleaning process is perfectly safe, and suitable for all types of patios, regardless of their construction material. The patio cleaning method we use will not cause any structural damage to the patio, and will not alter its characteristics. Generally, the cleaning process is performed without the use of additional cleaning products, only in certain cases where staining is extensive or really stubborn, the cleaners may need to apply a pre-treating product for better results. We need to inform customers that high pressure cleaning of patios with compromised structural integrity is not advisable since flying debris can cause personal injury to our cleaning technicians and cause material damage to your property. We recommend having the patio cleaning service performed in relatively good weather conditions as this will improve cleaning results and reduce cleaning time. The cleaning process is carried out by the best professional cleaners I Croydon who are skilled in the safe and efficient use of pressure washing equipment. Yielding proper cleaning results will take a certain amount of time, thus we recommend booking your patio cleaning for a suitable day of the week. The service is comfortably priced, and won’t put a strain on your budget.