Office Cleaning

Keeping your office clean and neat at all times is quite important, especially if you keep staff onsite and see a lot of customer traffic during the day. A clean, well-kept office will leave your business partners and associates with a good impression, and show others that you care and respect your business and your staff. A clean office is also a healthy office, a study into workplace hygiene has indicated that people working in a clean, well maintained office environment are less likely to get sick and take fewer days off work during the year.

We understand that you cannot shut down for the day in order to have the office cleaned as this would amount to lost profits and unhappy customers, this is why we can schedule your office cleaning for a suitable off peak time, such as weekends or before and after working hours. Our professional office cleaning service is carried out by the most professional cleaners in Croydon, who are specially trained for the job. The cleaners will arrive at your office at the requested time and commence work immediately, in an unobtrusive, well-structured fashion and ensure timely completion of the entire office cleaning process. The cleaners will invest extra time and effort into cleaning sanitary facilities and common areas as those are considered to be heavy duty parts of the office which must be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly. Work areas around the office will be cleaned and sanitised accordingly. desks, storage furniture, and all other features will be cleaned in detail using professional grade cleaning products and materials. Our office cleaning is available as one off or on a regular basis. The regular office cleaning will be scheduled for suitable time of day, or day of the week. The frequency and duration of the office cleaning visits depends on your preferences and availability.