End Of Tenacy Cleaning

Arranging for professional end of tenancy cleaning of the rental property, is a compulsory requirement for most vacating tenants in Croydon. Meeting your landlord’s end of tenancy cleaning requirements accordingly will not only make your rental property removal swift and hassle-free, but also put some extra money in your pocket since you will become eligible to receive your rental deposit back in full.

Our cleaning technicians will degrease, descale, sanitise and polish all glass and tiled surfaces, including flooring to an industry standard finish. In the wet rooms, all features including sink basins, faucets, vanity cabinets, shower screens, bathtubs and anything else there may be will be descaled, disinfected and polished. Same applies to the toilet and all the features in it. In the kitchen, counter tops, the kitchen table, as well as food preparation areas and cabinetry will be degreased, sanitised and polished using nontoxic, professional cleaning products and materials. Appliances, the pantry and kitchen sink, along with towel racks, rinse basins and taps will also be cleaned to a perfect finish. The rest of the house will be subjected to the same thorough, detailed cleaning, in order to yield consistent, high-quality results which will be accepted by your landlord or letting agent. We will be more than capable to carry out the end of tenancy cleaning as per the instructions and requirements stated in the end of tenancy cleaning checklist provided by your agent or landlord. We ‘ll clean every square inch of the rental to an industry standard finish, and put you a step closer to receiving your deposit.