Driveway Cleaning

The driveway is an important property feature which provides for both functionality and style. With everyday use though the driveway will become dirty and worn, another factor which affects the driveway’s appearance is weather exposure. Heavy duty use and the elements can turn the driveway into a messy, discoloured patch, which doesn’t fit the rest of your otherwise well-kept home. Vehicles parked on the driveway on a daily basis will not cause mechanical or structural damage to the driveway but chemicals such as motor oil, engine coolant and fuel, leaking and dripping from vehicles’ undercarriage will affect the driveway’s good looks and cause staining or discolouration, not to mention stubborn oil staining which is a real problem to remove. The driveway also suffers from exposure to severe weather. Blistering sun and hot temperatures during summer can cause fading, especially to some coloured concrete driveways. Snow, snow melting chemicals and ice can also have a negative effect on the driveway and alter the appearance of its surface layer.

Rain, mildew and moisture can be the cause of certain types of moulds and fungal growths on the driveway which translates to odd coloured patches blemishing its otherwise uniform and clean look. Trying to clean the driveway on your own, using conventional cleaning methods is possible, but this means you need to spend days on end in scrubbing and rubbing, which is tedious, time consuming and even frustrating at times. More so, you will have to invest a decent amount of money into heavy duty degreasers, aggressive cleaning solvents etc. which is not cost effective at all. We can offer you our professional driveway cleaning service as the sensible, efficient and affordable alternative to the long hours of bucket and brush cleaning.