Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are considered to be delicate and beautiful additions to any well-arranged room. Homemakers though, would be well aware of how hard it is to clean and wash the curtains properly since most curtains are made of demanding materials and fabrics which will not tolerate conventional cleaning. Many people would be tempted to stick the curtains in the washing machine and give them a good spin, but this is highly unadvisable as cleaning or washing the curtains using conventional methods will likely results in permanent damage such as creasing, fading, discolouration, shrinking or even tearing. We strongly urge customers to spare their delicate curtain fabrics from aggressive cleaning treatments, but let us deal with the situation effectively. Our specialised curtain cleaning service available to customers in Croydon is the safe, efficient and affordable way to keep such delicate room features clean and fresh without abusive cleaning methods. Our curtain cleaning is suitable for all types of curtains. The cleaning process itself is quite sparing and will not cause any damage to colours, texture and properties of the curtain fabric. The cleaning equipment and techniques we use allow us to clean any size curtain. Keep in mind though, that sunlight damage to the curtains is permanent, and cannot be reversed even by professional cleaning methods.

The curtain cleaning service we offer to customers in Croydon is carried out by specially qualified cleaning technicians who have the skills and expertise to handle the process accordingly. Generally there are two curtain cleaning techniques – dry cleaning and steam cleaning. Depending on the type of fabric and the level of staining or soiling sustained, our cleaning experts will determine which cleaning method to apply. They will choose an effective yet sparing way to clean the curtain without causing mechanical or chemical damage to the fabric and its properties and appearance.