Carpet Cleaning

Most of the time, home administered carpet cleaning treatments, as effective as they may be, are only superficial and don’t really clean deep inside the carpet where the real problems are. More so, many carpets around the house would have sustained certain staining of chemical or organic nature, and dealing with stubborn carpet stains on your own is not recommended, as you will most likely cause damage or alteration to the fibres and their properties, let alone remove the stain completely. Our professional carpet cleaning service happens to be the affordable, risk-free way to keep any type of carpet clean and fresh without risk of damage to fibres and structure.

Carpet Installation

Fitted carpet, also wall-to-wall carpet or carpeting, is a carpet intended to cover a floor entirely. Carpet over 4 meters in length is usually installed with the use of a power-stretcher (tubed or tubeless).

Carpet Repairs

We Also Have The Service Of Carpet Repairs